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Coachplan - FOR SALE : LHD, e-200 200 Van Hool 2001, 49+1+1seats, , 155000km, Kienz km, Mercedes-Benz OM 442 LA VI/3 (EURO II), Turbo - In, ZF 8046 - 955 - 193 hydraulic, adjustable, 4 unit(s) unit(s), Euro neg.

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Ref: 3075
LHD, 1999 Tourismo, 49+1+1 seats, 430,000km km, OM 442 LA - 381 HP, MB GO160 - 6gear, 1 unit(s), € neg.

Ref: 30104
LHD, 1998 VIP Transliner, 16+lounge seats, 404,000 km km, MAN diesel 294kW/400 HP, ZF 8-speed manual gearbox, 1 unit(s), EUR neg.

Ref: 30510
LHD, 1998 Viaggio, 51+1+1 seats, 600,000 km km, D2866LOH26, ZF 8S180, 4 unit(s), EUR neg.

Ref: 30518
RHD, 1996 Turbo, 32+1+1 seats, 300,000 km, ADE 366T Turbo, ZF 6 speed manual, 1 unit(s), ZAR neg.

Ref: 30523
RHD, Neulux, 44+1+1 seats, , OM 422 V8, MB 6 speed manual, 5 unit(s), ZAR neg.

Ref: 30524
RHD, Commuter 16.220, 61-66 seats, various km, 407N, ZF 6 speed manual, 15 unit(s), ZAR negotiable

Ref: 30531
RHD, 2000 Viking Highdeck, 61 seats, , MB 290HP, MB 6Speed manual /Telma retarder, 1 unit(s), ZAR negotiable

Ref: 30545
RHD, 2004 Daily MidiBus - 50C15, 23+1 seats, semi luxury intercity 0 km km, Iveco, 6 speed synchromesh, 2 unit(s), ZAR neg

Ref: 301041
LHD, 2005 chassis original Salzgitter, 51+1+1 seats, luxury intercity new km, Euro3/ 410ps, ZF 8gear S180 with retarder, 5 unit(s), EUR neg

Ref: 301121
LHD, 2001 Paradiso 1200 - MB O400 RSD, 50+1+1 seats, intercity 250,000-700,000 km, OM 457 LA /Turbo Intercooler --265KW(360HP)
Tor, ZF S 6-1550, 15 unit(s), US$ on request

Ref: 301102
LHD, 1999 N4411, 30+1+1+15 seats, apron / airfield 39,542km km, MAN D0826LOH / 17 - Euro II, ZF 5 HP 500, 2 unit(s), EUR on request

Ref: 301106
LHD, e-200 200 2001, 49+1+1 seats, 155000km, Kienz km, Mercedes-Benz OM 442 LA VI/3 (EURO II), Turbo - In, ZF 8046 - 955 - 193 hydraulic, adjustable, 4 unit(s), Euro neg.

Ref: 301133
LHD, e-200 200 2001, 49+1+1 seats, 155000km, Kienz km, Mercedes-Benz OM 442 LA VI/3 (EURO II), Turbo - In, ZF 8046 - 955 - 193 hydraulic, adjustable, 14 unit(s), Euro neg.






Ref No 301106 Price each Euro neg.
Description FOR SALE
4 unit(s) LHD
Seating 49+1+1seats stationed in: Turkey
ManufacturerVan Hool Mileage155000km, Kienz
Model2001 EngineMercedes-Benz OM 442 LA VI/3 (EURO II), Turbo - In
Model Yeare-200 200 GearboxZF 8046 - 955 - 193 hydraulic, adjustable
Overall length mm    aircon Sütrak AC-18, ACCP, full automatic, electronic co
Overall width mm SeatsVanHool Royal Comfort special design
Overall heigth mm nets yes
Wheel base mm radio Blaupunkt radio and tape recorder. 12 loud-speaker. Electronic antenna.Adjustable microfon driver's side
Front Overhang mm video Blaupunkt 2 screen, 1 video
Rear overhang mm kitchen 2 refrigerators, water heater, mixer, basin, secret garbage storage
Standing height mm toilet yes, washbasin
max. weight, front axle 6500 kg driver's sleeping
A/C adjustable for heat, loud speaker
max. weight, rear axle 11600 kg extra

4 coaches have only aprox. 1500 to 3000 KM on the Tacho

SEATS: Pneumatic Driver Seat, Stewardess seat with electric control

Seat belt for each passenger

Air drier, webasto heater, Pneumatic klaxon, Back up camera, Seat mirrors same colour with body. Graded dye. Mother Pearl metalic outside dye. Carpet furnished entrance and corridor. Soft inside decoration.

Awning on the windscreen controlled electric

Side windows:
silver Colour, non broken double glass, Rear Windows: Silver colour, non broken. Button for call stewardess. Ceeling covers usablefor emeregency exit.
Aluminium alloyed side iron sheets. Electronic speed control E/GAS. Speed limiter.
max. total weight 18100 kg
Luggage compartment 12.5 cbm
Tank 680 l
turning circle mm
tyres Michelin tubeless 295/80R22.5
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Please note:
Coachplan South Africa solely connects sellers and buyers and is not responsible for changes in specifications or any bus components that may be inoperable. Buses are all sold "as is" or by arrangement with the owners.



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seating bus details qty
seating bus details qty
50+1+1 Marcopolo - Mercedes, Paradiso 1200 - MB O400 RSD15
51+1+1 MAN, chassis original Salzgitter5
49+1+1 Van Hool, 200118
23+1 IVECO, Daily MidiBus - 50C152
61 Mercedes Benz 1729, Viking Highdeck1
61-66 MAN - various bodybuilders, Commuter 16.22015
44+1+1 Mercedes Benz O303, Neulux5
32+1+1 ERF /ADE 366T, Turbo1
51+1+1 MAN / Marcopolo, Viaggio4
16+lounge Neoplan, VIP Transliner3
49+1+1 Mercedes Benz O350, Tourismo1

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